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Wildlife and Nature

Photography Scholarship Competition

*Photo Credit - Kyle Brooks



Calling all OHIO students:

Submit your very best Athens County nature pics to the OHIO Wildlife and Nature Photography Scholarship Competition for your chance to win a first or second-place scholarship prize.

This is an opportunity for OHIO photographers of any skill level to showcase their hidden talents, while photographing the hidden gems of Athens, Ohio. The OHIO Wildlife and Nature Photography Scholarship Competition is open to current OHIO undergrad students who are not graduating in the Fall of 2022, the Spring of 2023, or the Summer of 2023.

Participants have the option to submit up to 5 images (1 in each category), to the following:

  1. Wildlife – animals found in your backyard, or in the wild

  2. Landscapes – photos of the natural environment, with or without people

  3. Outdoor Recreation and Adventure – people appreciating the great outdoors

  4. Macrophotography – extreme closeup showcasing the minute details of your subject

  5. Conservation – images advocating for the importance of environmental stewardship

Submissions will be accepted beginning on Tuesday, September 6th, 2022, and must be received electronically by 12:00pm EST on Friday, December 2nd, 2022.

Photographs must be the original work of the entrant and a completed/signed submission form must accompany each submission to be eligible for judging. Images submitted will be judged based on environmental content, originality, technical aptitude (composition, lighting, etc.,), representing nature in an authentic way, and overall impact.

If an image contains an identifiable person, that person must sign a completed OHIO Photo Release form. For any image containing a minor person under the age of 18, a parent/guardian must sign the release form.

All winners will be notified electronically, and each first-place and second-place photo will be framed and displayed during the 2023 Student Expo.

To successfully enter this competition, please review all guidelines before submitting your image(s). All additional rules and other information are available below.


Submissions are now closed





*Photo Credit - Kyle Brooks



*Photo Credit - Kyle Brooks



*Photo Credit - Kyle Brooks

*For additional examples, please view Kyle Brooks' online portfolio



Sponsored by:

OHIO University's BIOS Department | Kristina Rezek 

Special Thanks to...

Dr. Viorel Popescu | Dr. Robert Colvin | Ben Siegel | Dr. Ji-Yeung Jang | Keely Davin | The Office of Global Opportunities |

Josh Birnbaum | Lori Bauer | Genelle Uhrig | Kyle Brooks | Starr Kelley | Pia Benthin | The Post | Ann LaComb | Jim Sabin | Eli Burris | Caitlyn Victor | Mike O'neill | Anthony and Lindsey Letterle | Emily Fenn | Nick Armao | Kaitlyn Trent |

Ashley Allen | Destiny Campbell | Maddie Harbert | Sawyer Burley | Bedika Pathak | Ellie Hadizadeh | Nasim Mahomar |

Corey Thur | Peighton Cornelli | The Seliga Family | The Gruber Family | The Malone Family | The Demyan Family |

The Holocker Family | The Rezek Family | Mark and Denise Holocker

Sponsors and Special Thanks


For any questions, please contact Kristina Rezek at:

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